LifeTek – FAQ

These are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about the LifeTek Personal Emergency System.

Q. Who should have LifeTek?
A. Seniors living alone. Persons with known medical conditions. Family members with a history of falling. Patients recovering at home.

Q. What information does the LifeTek operator have access to?
A. Only the information you provide. It can include medical history, medications, allergies, people to contact or special directions to your home.

Q. Can I use the transmitter while bathing?
A. Yes. The LifeTek transmitter can be worn on a wrist or as a pendant and is completely water proof.

Q. Is LifeTek difficult to install?
A. No. After signing up for the services, a trained technician will come to your home to install the LifeTek unit. It is plugged into an electrical outlet, connected to the telephone line and placed in a convenient location.

Q. Is LifeTek expensive?
A. No. There is a small set up fee and a low monthly service change. No long term commitment is required and all equipment service is included.